2 Great Retail Stocks to Buy Today

2 Great Retail Stocks to Buy Today

Investors who trade based on emotion usually get hosed.

In fact, we should label them for what they really are: speculators and gamblers.

This pandemic is making it easier to tell the investors from the speculators, because real investors know to ignore the market’s wild price swings.

They don’t get overly excited on the up days. And they don’t get overly depressed on the down days.

This doesn’t mean that smart investors aren’t still playing the game.

They’re simply buying into companies immune to the coronavirus pandemic … or that will do well once the country is up and running again.

In today’s video, I tell you about two companies that fall into this second category.

Not only are they great businesses, but they’re trading for steep discounts due to the coronavirus panic — meaning now’s the time to buy into them.

Watch my full video below to learn about the four things that every great business has in common.

And stay tuned until the very end to hear about these two phenomenal companies — and why they’re such a great value right now.



Charles Mizrahi

Editor, Alpha Investor Report