The American Dream and Your Financial Freedom

The American Dream and Your Financial Freedom

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The American Dream and Your Financial Freedom

I didn’t grow up wealthy. Not by a long shot.

I always remember there was never enough money to go around. But my parents did their best.

My mother stayed at home, taking care of four boys. And my father worked long hours to make ends meet. Financial freedom was just never theirs.

They didn’t have any investing know-how. They didn’t even know where to start. Wall Street was only a 40-minute subway ride from their house. But it might as well have been on the moon.

I quickly realized that I had to learn to invest and make money on my own. So when I was 20 years old, I finally decided to go down to Wall Street to seek my own fortune.

I had left college, so I didn’t have any Ivy League degrees to open up doors. I didn’t have any connections to get me interviews. I even borrowed money from my family just to have a starting stake.

But even without the education, contacts or money to start with, I had one great thing in my favor…

The Power of the American Dream

You see, my neighborhood was as middle class as you can get.

The people on my block were warehouse workers, sanitation workers and school teachers. And they gave me something far more valuable than contacts or money.

They taught me the importance of hard work and grit.

Many of my neighbors were immigrants or the children of immigrants. They sacrificed everything to make the long journey over from their home countries.

They came to this country with nothing but their hopes and dreams. And every one of them believed with all their heart and soul that America was the land of freedom and opportunity — that they could lift themselves out of poverty and live with dignity.

I didn’t have to take their word for it. I had a front-row seat and saw it with my own eyes.

This was America — where so many others started with much less than I did and still made it. And I was on the same path they traveled: the road to the American dream.

That’s why I truly believed that if I worked hard, didn’t give up and continued to persevere … I would make something of myself. And I did.

But I also believe we all have a patriotic duty to give back to this country that has done so much for us. We need to give back and help our fellow citizens take back their financial futures in these difficult times.

So after 37 years on Wall Street as a trader, money manager and hedge fund manager … I’m here to help you do exactly that.

My Mission: Help You Take Back Your Financial Freedom

I’ve seen all that the market can throw at an investor.

At 23, I started my own money management firm. I managed money for some of the biggest investment banks. By the time I was 35, Barron’s crowned me the No. 1 trader in the nation.

But I walked away from my Wall Street career because I wanted to do more. I want to give back and help everyday folks on Main Street — just like you.

And right now, I’m on a mission.

Millions of Americans — coast to coast — are worried about their financial futures. Many are downright scared. They feel like they have no control.

Every day, we’re under a constant media barrage telling us that America’s best days are behind her. And some even go so far as to say that our capitalist system itself is the problem. They say that capitalism is the reason people are struggling.

But American capitalism isn’t the problem … It’s the solution.

America is the greatest country the world has ever seen. And we, the people, can prove this truth yet again. We have everything we need right in front of us to get ourselves out of this mess. We can take back our financial futures.

So, I want to help you, and as many other Americans as possible, rekindle the American dream and take back your financial freedom. And one way I’m doing that is through my American Prosperity Summit on September 8.

I’ll break down the real reason so many people are struggling to achieve the American dream. You see, the average retirement account is underfunded by 90%. So even if you think you’re in a good financial position, you could be unknowingly losing up to half your profits.

Now, this event is free for all Winning Investor Daily subscribers. I’ll also have a special guest with me. She’s a former governor with an amazing story to tell: how she’s accomplishing her financial goals in less than 10 minutes a month using the tools I shared with her.

And you’ll see how you can achieve the same results. You won’t have to be worried about ups and downs in the economy ever again. So, stay tuned for more information as we get closer to September 8.

Charles Mizrahi
Charles Mizrahi

Editor, Alpha Investor Report 

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