Americans Need to Hope Again

People desperately need help right now.

With the pandemic and economic uncertainty raging for months, many people have lost sight of hope.

Now, politicians want you to believe that the government has the answer to your problems. But history proves otherwise.

Their leadership has yet to successfully create wealth for American citizens or bring them more financial freedom.

Government programs and bailouts are not the solution.

That’s why I recently wrote an op-ed for RealClearReligion on Friday, August 21.

In it, I shared the real solution to our economic woes — and how it can help you rebuild your own American dream and reclaim your financial future.

You can check it out right here or by clicking the image below.

Image of Real Clear Religion showing an article title: The biblical roots of Capitalism. Click the image to view the article.

Charles Mizrahi
Charles Mizrahi

Editor, Alpha Investor Report 

P.S. I’d love to hear about your American dream too. What would you do after reclaiming your financial freedom? Tell me by writing me at

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