Former Governor Reveals Charles' Investment Secret! See How She Made Bigger Gains in 2 Weeks Than Most Pros Make in 2 Years Using THIS Secret. Click HERE for More...

Former Governor Reveals Charles' Investment Secret! See How She Made Bigger Gains in 2 Weeks Than Most Pros Make in 2 Years Using THIS Secret. Click HERE for More...


Through His AMERICAN PROSPERITY CAMPAIGN, Wall Street Legend Turned Main Street Advocate Charles Mizrahi Has a Message of Hope—Don’t Believe the Headlines, We the People Have the Power and Ability to Restore Our Financial Dreams With Hard Work and an Ear for Wisdom

(Baltimore, MD—August 11, 2020) Banyan Hill Publishing, a network of investment experts committed to helping hardworking Americans obtain financial freedom, is pleased to announce that former Wall Street fund manager—ranked #1 trader by Barron’s—and Alpha Investor Founder Charles Mizrahi is kicking off the national American Prosperity Campaign today to give Main Street Americans confidence that Capitalism and American ingenuity can solve the challenges they face.

“America is the only country on Earth where the son of a warehouse manager could, through hard work and grit, become a highly successful investor on Wall Street. Yet today, gripped by fear from historic challenges, and a constant media barrage of negativity and gloom, many have forgotten the timeless truths that make America a shining city on a hill. In this time of crisis, I believe we all have a patriotic duty to give back and help our fellow citizens. I’m launching this campaign to show as many Americans as possible that we, the people, have everything we need right in front of us to rekindle the American Dream and set it ablaze. I’m offering my nearly 40 years of experience on Wall Street for free to prove this point. To clearly demonstrate anyone can reach their financial dreams and restore their retirement right now, in this economy,” said Charles Mizrahi, Founder of Alpha Investor. “American Capitalism is not the problem, it’s the solution. Together, we are going to prove that yet again.”

The AMERICAN PROSPERITY CAMPAIGN seeks to prove that America’s investment economy has been and continues to be the driver of wealth and financial freedom for untold millions of Americans. For the month of August, #1 Wall Street investor Charles Mizrahi is giving away free subscriptions to Alpha Investor, an investment research subscription with strategies to invest and thrive, and empower everyday people to win financially.

Click here to join the campaign:

On September 8, Mizrahi will host his first AMERICAN PROSPERITY SUMMIT. This, and future events, will feature high-profile Americans who have received personal coaching from Mr. Mizrahi and, after having suffered financial setbacks, are beginning to realize their dreams again. September’s guest is an iconic former Governor who has an amazing story to tell and will join the Wall Street legend. 

American Dreams Lost by the Numbers

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